Welcome to Roberts-Warren Fire Dept.

Roberts-Warren FD LogoWelcome to the Roberts-Warren Fire & Rescue Dept in Roberts, Wisconsin (exit 10 on I-94 in western Wisconsin).

We are commited to our surrounded communities to provide the best fire and rescue services possible. We support Warren township along with the Village of Roberts. We also provide mutual aid in Hudson and Kinnikinnic Townships.

Our Fire Insurance Classification rating is 4/8B (ISO rating) with the following mobile equipment.

One 1998, 1250 gpm pumper.  (Engine 3910)

One 2010, 2000 gpm pumper.  (Engine 3911)

One 2006, 3200 gallon tanker.  (3921)

One 1980, 3600 gallon tanker.  (3920)

One 2008 grassfire truck.  (3930)

One 1994 grassfire truck.  (3931)

One 2003 rescue/fire support vehicle.  (5991)

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